Is this the ultimate luxury gift for guys and girls?

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That oft-quoted adage about great things and small packages rings true, not just at Christmas but throughout the entire year

Especially in the case of your guy's birthday: yes, you could get the man in your life a stand-up paddle board that we all know will gather dust in the garage after two to three uses, max (although if it's too late, maybe read our personal trainer's guide to staying motivated here) and as for the woman in your life? She may tell you she wants one of those gigantic inflatable swans for the ultimate Instagram pool shot, but deep down, she knows as well as we do that those pics scream 2014 and there are better ways to spend your hard-earned cash - and none of them involve over a hundred dollars' worth of bird-shaped plastic.

No. The gift that keeps on giving is a fraction of the size, small enough to whip out of your pocket in that perfect moment and sure to elicit gasps when opened. We've made a case for the return of analogue watches on these webpages before, and this latest assortment of Bulgari wrist candy only strengthens our argument: masterfully crafted and beautiful to behold, they're the kind of timepiece you gift once and cherish forever.

For the girls, look to Bulgari's lustrous mother of pearl dials set off by a coronet of diamonds or a chic black alligator strap; for the boys, it's all about watches that merge utility with unique design, boldly contrasting black against gold and up to 300 metres water-resistant. You know what that means: he could even wear them paddle boarding. 

Is this the ultimate luxury gift for guys and girls? (фото 1)

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