The Supermodel-approved cult jewellery brand to know now

The Supermodel-approved cult jewellery brand to know now

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Despite famous fans and serious stockists, you'd be forgiven for not knowing jewellery's most quiet achiever. Meet the label set to sky-rocket

As the daughter of one of Australia's first female gemologists, a career in jewellery may have always been written in the stars for Natasha Schweitzer. But with the support of heavyweight fashion retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi and Farfetch, luxury titles - French Vogue sings the brand's praises - and the help of a few Supermodel fans, (See: Miranda Kerr, Shanina Shaik, Andreja Pejic and Caroline Vreeland) the Queensland-born designer is proving to be a trailblazer in her own right, pushing a unique aesthetic of delicate, yet daring elegance to new heights. If Schweitzer's trajectory continues as it's first three years, the sky's the limit.

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What was the first piece you ever created for the brand?
The first piece that I created for the brand was the Odette earring in gold. I asked mum if she could make these earrings I was scribbling down for an event I was attending. 10 minutes into the event, several compliments later, and I had someone, take the earrings out of my ears and buy them! I didn't even know what to charge. At the time I was studying a double degree at university, and had my sights set on a career in journalism - not jewellery design!

In what way has your mother, Marion Schweitzer, influenced your aesthetic and design process?
I really think that seeing mum's work over the years has etched her aesthetic into my creative brain. In many ways we are completely different, but we certainly both love mid-century and architectural shapes. Both [my sister] Alex and I are lucky enough to have a rare first-hand experience in the design process, where we focus on the quality, finish and wearability of each piece.

What do you want your wearers to feel when they put on one of your pieces?
An undeniable sense of luxury and quality. I hate using the word 'unique', so I am going to go with interesting and thought-provoking pieces. I love to challenge people, and even though much of the collection is modern and simple, each piece has a quirk and refined detail that is our signature.

Can you describe the starting point for the Spring Summer 2018 collection?
I started designing the current collection based on an old design from one of mum's old bracelets from the 70's. It really shaped the whole collection, which has really bold pieces, which are simple yet incredibly detailed. All of the pieces are high-polished with sections of satin finishing in each item - it really is about attention to detail this season.

What are the materials you work with?
We work with mainly yellow, white and rose gold or sterling silver. All of our pieces are handmade in-house by our team of jewellers. We are really lucky to have talent in Australia, certainly with the dying trade of gold-smith.

Which wearers have made you feel the most excited so far?
Honestly, if I am out and about and spot someone wearing anything from our collection I am stoked, especially if I don't know the person! We are so honoured that people shot with us, the support that we receive from Australia and internationally, particularly in the US really blows our minds.

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What is your favourite piece from your collections?
My letter necklace! I haven't taken it off in over 2 years, and honestly feel lost without it. I love that the letters are meaningful to people. People buy letters for their children, partners, even their dogs and I adore it!   

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
My mother made the most incredible dress ring when she was only 16. It has a large sweeping saturn-like yellow gold setting, which curves around an enormous rutilated quartz stone. It is completely mental, but I adore it. Mum actually gave the ring to my Oma (grandmother) who wore it all through the 70's and 80's, but she refuses to wear it these days.

In your mind, who is the Natasha Schweitzer woman?
Any woman or man who wants quality pieces and unique designs. I adore the fact that my grandmother owns a letter necklace and so do I. The Natasha Schweitzer client is anyone - I would never want to choose that person.

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