Meet the French jewellery label bringing back the art of the heirloom

Meet the French jewellery label bringing back the art of the heirloom

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What do you get when you join decades of experience working as buyers for some of the worlds best, most discerning retailers, exquisite old-world aesthetics and classic French chic? A fresh new jewellery collection to keep for the ages

These days, starting a new jewellery label seems to be the thing to do, with new collections of hyper-delicate threads popping up across Instagram feeds in ubiquity. For some time however, there has been a space in the market for old school jewellery, the kind that instills a transformative experience for the wearer; you put it on and you feel different. And you take the kind of care with it that you might've with the first piece of jewellery your mother gave you - because you want this feeling to last.

Cercle Amédée makes such pieces. Established in Paris in 2017, the brand showed at Paris Fashion Week for their second season in March, having already been picked up by e-tail heavyweights after their first. Founders, Magali Ginsburg and Alexandre Lavaux have a shared work history across the likes of Lane Crawford, Printemps and one of the entities for Yoox-Net-a-Porter; which basically translates to years of insider knowledge, understanding the market and the brands within it - and how to do it better. Here, between appointments at their Paris showroon during fashion week, they let Buro 24/7 into their beautiful little world.

Founders, Alexandre Lavaux and Magali Ginsburg.

How do you find working together in this new capacity?

Magali: To work together has been easy, since we know each other so well. We wanted to do consultancy for some brands but we also realised that after seeing so many brands that there was room for what we had wanted to do for a long time, which was doing a sort of timeless product with an edge, with a craftsmanship - that was super important to us. In the years of buying we met a lot of ateliers so we only work with the best of the best.

Where did the name come from?

Magali: Amédée was a multi-disciplinary artist of the Art Deco [era] who taught until the end; until he died. So this idea of transmission, teaching and craftsmanship was really important to us.

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It's true, everything has such a strong Art Deco inspiration. Why is that?

Magali: It's specific to the fact that we like the Art Deco period. That might evolve but will likely be a constant. We also like the Brutalist era which can be very contemporary.

Some inspiration came from Jean Déspres who was a very famous jewelley [designer] from the Art Deco Era. We spent a lot of time in the library of the Louvre - which is magnificent, by the way - looking at the things we like. The creative process is a dream job.

Alexandre: We mostly start with architectural inspiration like windows and façades that inspire us around Paris, like Palais de Tokyo and the Musée de l'immigration, and we try to bring it to another level and make it more feminine.

Magali: Also the Horta building in Brussels where I'm from, and lighting like lamps and sconces from the 1920s and '30s.

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Where else do you draw inspiration?

Magali: The basis of our inspiration is travels and travelers, anything - museum, theatre, nature. I think we're big fans of everything that life has to bring.

Alexandre: The stories in the collection [are] named after 1920s movies, so Night Owl, Midnight Call, also She Couldn't Take It.

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What materials do you work with?

Alexandre: There is malachite paste which - for precision cutting and strength - the stone is reconstructed and reformed, [and] also, Swarovski crystals. There's marble with gold threads - we love the idea of something not totally perfect.

Magali: All are brass, plated in gold. There are garnet stones which have been used for many years in healing - that was a part of why we chose it.

All the jewellery is made in Italy or in Paris in a small atelier that also works with Céline and Chloé. But really, it's all about craftsmanship.

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