Meet the celebrity-approved sunglass label set to steal the spotlight

The thrill of the new

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Zanzan; [pronounced zahnz-ahn], Origin: Maltar; Meaning: The feeling of wearing something special for the first time

There is no feeling quite like the thrill of the new. When Australian expat, (now London-based) Megan Trimble co-founded her sunglass label Zanzan with Gareth Townsend, this is entirely what she had in mind.

Using handmade in the Prosecco hills of Northern Italy, using premium fabrications and a design sensibility that flirts between playful, chic and very, very cool, it's little wonder her styles have caught the eye of the world's most discerning, piquing the interest of British model and style icon Laura Bailey who joined the company as a Director and creative partner earlier this year.

Here, Trimble discusses St. Tropez, story-telling and being a free-spirit.

Why were you motivated to start the label?
I grew up in Australia and had an obsession with vintage French and Italian eyewear from the 70s and 80s - Cazal, Christian Dior and Laura Biagotti to name a few. Obviously sunglasses are a 'must have' accessory in such a sunny city as Sydney so I amassed a huge eyewear collection. When I moved to London I met a guy in a vintage eyewear shop who mentioned he made one-off pieces for the film industry in Italy. The seed was planted and off we went to Italy to uncover the unknown.

In a sea of sunglass brands, how does Zanzan set itself apart?
We design with a 'fashion filter' taking our cues from the world of art, design and photography. We are known for our take on classic shapes and colour and spend a lot of time custom-making the acetate so our materials are unique to us. We love story-telling so all our style names are discovered in books we read - Erzulie is the Voodoo goddess of love, beauty and flowers, Sunetra is a Hindi word meaning 'the one with beautiful eyes'.

What were some of the references and inspiration behind the current collection?
This season's colour palette recalls drawn-out Mediterranean days, in and out of cloudy sleep. We were looking at David Hamilton's book 'Summer in St Tropez' at the time. A good friend of mine @julystars has an extensive collection of first edition and rare David Hamilton photography books so we delved into his dreamy world...muted taupe and nude, metallics reflecting the iridescent underside of seashells echoing hazy light. Sun-bleached hues giving new life to the resplendent summer dream...

Who is the Zanzan woman?
She is adventurous, erudite, boyish but romantic and lives a free spirited life.


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