Introducing Suzy: Bally’s new bag

Introducing Suzy: Bally’s new bag

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Introducing the newest recruit to the Swiss leather goods house

Every woman's handbag has a personality. There's the strong, sturdy one who sees you to work; the athletic one that accompanies you to barre class; the petite, sparkly one that's perfect to party with, (and not much else, to be honest) and then there's Suzy. 

Oh, you haven't met?

Suzy is a BFF kind of bag. Dependable, ready to accompany you anywhere at any time, fun and surprisingly but completely pragmatic. Technically speaking, her block and tri-colour versions in suede, python and calf skin make for a chic, playful finish, the gold chain strap adds a glamorous polish while studded detailing gives her a little edge.

Big enough for brunch trips and small enough for cocktail parties, Suzy's your sidekick.
We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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