Insider secrets: the new Prada bag with a hidden twist

Insider secrets: the new Prada bag with a hidden twist

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There's more than meets the eye to Prada's latest arm candy

What's more exciting than a new Prada bag? TWO Prada bags, obviously. Presenting the brand new Inside Bag, a two-in-one design that's a little bit subversive, but every bit seductive. Why? Because hidden within the main bag's modern boxy shape awaits - surprise! - another inner bag. It's like all our Christmases have come at once.

The new It-bag comes in classic and colourful leather, including crocodile, python and ostrich variations, in small, medium and large. You can choose to match your outer and inner bags, or play up the design with contrasting finishes. Each bag-within-a-bag takes the Prada artisans hours to craft by hand out of butter-soft nappa leather.

How soon is too soon to deem a design iconic? Because we think this baby is sure to reach cult status - fast. See the behind-the-scenes snaps from Prada's shoot below.

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