How 10 artists redesigned a Dior classic


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What happens when you give ten international artists complete creative freedom to redesign the classic Lady Dior bag?

The Lady Dior bag was born in 1995; an instantly recognisable design of timeless sophistication and elegance. Last year Dior invited a handful of British and American artists to reimagine the classic accessory with a series of limited-edition designs. This year the house has again worked with ten artists from around the world to recreate the Lady Dior bag. There was no brief or boundaries; total creative reign was given where everything from the bags' fabric, charms, size, colour and stitching could be altered to each artist's specification.

Artists reinterpreted the accessory to include poetic phrases such as 'You've got to burn to shine', adding laser cut-outs and embroidered trimmings. The exclusive 20 designs are now on display at the Sydney Dior flagship. The walls on the first level of the store are lined floor to ceiling with the creative designs by artists Lee Bul, John Giorno, Hong Hao, Friedrich Kunath, Namsa Leuba, Betty Mariani, Jamilla Okubo, Jack Pierson, Spencer Sweeney and David Wiseman. Click through the gallery above for your first look at the exclusive designs.

Dior Lady Art #2 is now on display at the Sydney Dior Flagship, 65 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. 

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