Guess which It-girls Tiffany & Co. recruited for its new video?

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Tiffany & Co. get romantic in this cute new digital campaign #LoveNotLike 

What do Fernanda Ly, Pyper America Smith and Imaan Hammam know about likes? Well, if you combine the Instagram followings of these three models alone, it amounts to over one million sets of eyeballs. So in other words, a lot. And with each It-girl hailing from a different corner of the globe (Fernanda from Australia; Pyper from the US and Imaan from Amsterdam), the worldwide reach of these three beauties perfectly reflects the universal appeal of the Return to Tiffany Love collection.

"We live in a social culture of 'like', but for Tiffany & Co., 'like' is not enough. #LoveNotLike communicates the belief that love, as an attitude, is something to uphold and celebrate," explains Diana Hong, VP of Digital Marketing at Tiffany & Co. With that in mind, the new York brand has also created its own Snapchat filter for #LoveNotLike, as well as a special geo-filter for Tiffany & Co. stores in the States. 

The digital campaign features highlights from the new collection, which heroes the iconic Tiffany heart (and lock) in 18k white gold, rose gold and sterling silver iterations across necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuffs and rings. Watch the campaign below and shop the #LoveNotLike collection at

Guess which It-girls Tiffany & Co. recruited for its new video? (фото 1)

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