Paris, the city of love; immortalised in poetry, paintings and prose for its innate, inspiring romance. In this spirit, Swarovski launch a capsule collection of jewellery that celebrates urban love.

Modelled by flaxen-haired model Martha Hunt - accompanied by a handsome beau, of course - the collection blends the house's signature, eye-catching pavé accents in rouge and metallic tones are crafted into modern symbols of love and romance in silver, gold and rose-gold metal. Think: a heart (for unconditional love), a star (for adventure), a moon (for enlightened love), a key (to open doors) and an evil eye (for protection).

Inspired by classic, Parisian style, these are fine and delicate pieces, perfect for layering close to the heart, as tokens of affection to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

See the collection in full, here.

What does Victoria's Secret angel Martha Hunt want for Valentine's Day?