Fantastic Beasts and where to buy them

Fantastic Beasts and where to buy them

Burberry Beasts

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Image: Courtesy of Burberry

The Burberry Beasts colelction is the animal addition you didn’t realise your wardrobe needed

Burberry has well and truly brought their clothing and accessories to life with their Burberry Beasts collection. Inspired by illustrations of fictional birds and animals found in the pages of old storybooks, the collection features leather accessories including cross body bags, wallets, coin cases, and pouches shaped like mythical creatures.

Can't commit to the maintenance of owning an animal? Now you can own an owl and a fish in multi tone colourways. It's the most fashionable, fuss-free pet you will ever buy.

The Beasts also appear as applique on ready to wear pieces such as traditional Burberry scarves, on jersey sweaters, capes and ponchos throughout the brand's womens, mens and childrenswear ranges. From graphic silky dresses to playful wildlife keyrings, each Beast has been hand illustrated to bring the collection to life.  

Burberry has also released an exclusive Beauty Box inspired by the Burberry Beasts. The box is dark and mythical, just like the creatures themselves - think maroon red lipsticks and smokey hued shadows.

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Still don't think your clothing and accessories have a life of their own? Check out the secret lives of Burberry's Beasts. Shop Burberry here

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