The new Dior jewellery collection is flipping great

The new Dior jewellery collection is flipping great

Heads or tails?

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Seeking some direction? These medallion-like necklaces, take their inspiration from the navigation tools that inspired Christian Dior himself.

In the documentary Dior and I, there's an incredibly moving scene in which Dior creative director Raf Simmons visits the childhood home of Christian Dior for the very first time.  Located in Granville, Normandy, the home, "Villa Les Rhumbs", is painted in a gorgeous Miss Dior pink and stands atop a cliff, facing the Channel Islands - it's a memorable moment in the film because, for the first time, the magnitude of the beauty that so drove Dior is evident. It's in the gardens, the view, the design, the warmth and it's felt in the walls.

The villa's name comes from the marine term, "Rhumb Line", and in a nod to this, it features a mosaic wind rose (a graphic tool, shaped similarly to a compass) which adorns one of the house's entrances.  It is this delicate tool of navigation which has directly inspired a new collection of jewellery from the house of Dior. 

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The collection, Rose des Vents, is a beautiful tribute to Christian Dior. Each talisman is made from a semi-precious stone, from mother-of-pearl to turquoise, pink opal and lapis-lazuli, and like the divided directions on a wind rose that both decorates "Villa Les Rhumbs" and the faces of the medallion, the "coins" are split into two sides: "heads and tails". Designed to be worn with purpose and as a symbol of direction, the luxurious pieces can be flipped and styled depending on the direction that the wind that blows you.  Which way to wear?  Perhaps these adorable mini animations from Dior can help you decide.

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