Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection is a lunar masterpiece

Celestial accessories

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Dinosaur Designs have given accessories and homewares the celestial treatment with their latest collection entitled Luna

Design duo Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have looked to the grandeur of the moon for the inspiration behind their latest collection of collectable homewares and accessories. Entitled Luna, the collection explores the different shades of light from the moon, veering from dark volcanic ash hues to chalky white shades with luminous accents of silver. Replete with the curves and natural forms that the brands' loyal followers admire, Luna's designs mirror the crater-like forms of the moon in ornate jewellery and earthy homewares.          

"I was inspired by the moon and its brilliance, its spherical, crater-like forms and ever-changing tones from light to dark, from the tonal greys of the dark of the waning moon to the chalky whites of the full moon," said Olsen of the moody, mostly monochrome collection.

Central to Luna are oversized earrings in cratered shapes and spherical forms; from dramatic, translucent hoops to suspended orbs enhanced in speckled black and white castings. The homewares replicate the marble castings of the moon in deep bowls and curved platters with soft hints of lunar sand.

"It's a wonderful balance between jewellery and homewares. To us homewares are like jewellery for the home," explains Olsen of the seamless marriage between arts. "We always start each collection with a story and both jewellery and homewares collections grow from that with a shared language that influences both the colour and form."

Luna is available online and in Dinosaur Designs' Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, and London now.

Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection is a lunar masterpiece (фото 1)

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