Code Coco: Chanel’s game-changing new watch

Code Coco: Chanel’s game-changing new watch

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Chanel releases a sleek new watch paying homage to the brand's heritage

Chanel is bringing new meaning to 'timepiece' with the latest addition to its watch family: Code Coco. The new stainless steel jewellery watch inspired by the iconic Chanel 2.55 purse. The watch is named Code Coco, because the whole timepiece is meant to be intriguing, with its parts working together to cleverly reveal different design elements - much like a code.

The first striking detail about this watch is the clasp that features on its face, a clear nod to the brand's signature 2.55 quilted bag, created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955. This swivel clasp can be positioned horizontally or vertically, masking or revealing the time as the wearer pleases.The flexible steel strap also features the iconic quilted motif - a signature of the French label, now seen in its ready-to-wear collections, on leather goods and even jewellery.

The "Code Coco" watch above all stands out with the way that it fastens around the wearer's wrist. Rather than using a classic folding clasp, this timepiece furls around the wrist until its two ends meet. In fact, the watch bezel - available in steel or studded with diamonds - is located at one end of the strap, which curls around the wrist to encase the dial at the other end, fastening the watch closed with a click.

Check out the campaign video here:

Code Coco: Chanel’s game-changing new watch (фото 1)

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