He's created collections that reference astrological signs, launched diverse shades of nude heels and even branched out into lipsticks and apps. But until very recently, Christian Louboutin has yet to take us to dinner. 

In the charming video Under the Table, set in a chic French bistro complete with white tablecloths, chequered flooring and lots of split champagne and broken plates, we take a crash course in some of S/S '16's new styles. Catch a glimpse of creations like the strappy red Pavot heels, Hawaiian-printed Solasofia flats, fluoro-soled Millaclou and Rivierina flats and the Carmel SA espadrilles as their owners get rather, er, animated at the dinner table.

The entertaining video was directed by Parisian journalist, art director and Shooooes blogger Mathilde Toulout, who teamed up with photographer and PLEASE! Magazine publisher Olivia da Costa to deliver this cute riff on the new collection. Watch the campaign below and if you fall in love with any of the styles, head to christianlouboutin.com for more info.

Christian Louboutin invites you to dine on his new collection