Bespoke boots: all about R.M. Williams' new luxury service

Bespoke boots: all about R.M. Williams' new luxury service

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Text: Anna McClelland

Shelve your Stan Smiths - all anyone wants right now is a pair of Adelaides

You know what we're talking about - R.M. Williams' sleek one-piece-of-leather boot that's gone from farmyard staple to city girl must-have. Now they're even more covetable, thanks to the Aussie brand's new online bespoke service: because if there's anything better than a pair of iconic R.M. Williams, it's a pair you've designed yourself.

We spoke to Mike Williams, the brand's production manager, to get the ins and outs of the new bespoke offering. Handcrafted boots are just a few clicks away...

Why go bespoke?
The benefit of the bespoke service is that it allows you to create a boot that is personal and unique to you.  The boots also are delivered with a wooden cedar shoe tree to keep your boots in shape when you aren't wearing them, a care kit with product that is suited to the leather you have selected and a signed letter from our Master Craftsman ensuring the boots have been made to the highest quality

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What elements can a bespoke customer pick out themselves?
The R.M.Williams bespoke service allows the customer to create an entire boot exclusive to them. You can select the leather type and colour from an exclusive range which includes exotics (crocodile and ostrich), choose the sole type of your preference and also select the colour of the elastic, thread, tug and boot edge. The leather soles can also be personalised for a finishing touch. 

At the moment you can create your own bespoke Adelaide and Craftsman boots - are you going to extend the service to other styles eventually?
With the bespoke service being a new offering to the brand, yes, at the moment you can personal either one of our core boots, however hopefully down the track the offering of boot selection will be made larger.

There are a few sizing options - like F, G, H and D, E - what do these refer to?
The letters refer to the width of the boot which we refer to as the fit. For a women's fit a 'D' is a regular fit and a 'E' a wide fit and for men 'F' is a narrow fit, 'G' is regular and 'H' is a wide fit. When deciding on the right fit type, comfort is key. To determine your fit measure your joint (the widest part of your foot), find the corresponding fit type in the guide on our website.

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Would you recommend a customer order a bespoke boot in store, or is it possible to do it all online?
The benefit of having the online service is that it allows you to create your own boot from the comfort of your own home. If however you are unsure about your size and fit, I would recommend you head into one of our stores to get fitted before ordering online.

How long do bespoke boots take to produce? What's the estimated wait time?
From the day your order is processed you can expect delivery of your boots within eight weeks.

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