9 anti-logo It-bags under $1,000

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Forget stealth wealth. Try stealth cool. These are the underground It-bags you need to know. By Yeong Sassall

Blame Mansur Gavriel. Ever since the NYC-based label launched its cult Italian-made bucket bags we've slowly seen an influx in what I like to call 'anti-logo It-bags'. Unlike the usual Gucci/Chanel/Louis Vuitton/YSL/Chloé objects of our attention, these little-known labels focus on discernible design over logos and carry a markedly lower price tag than their luxury counterparts. While you can count on quality and craftsmanship, you can also count on them to stop strangers in the street and pop up in your Instagram feed. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, they won't cost you the equivalent of two month's rent or a return fare to Europe. Win.

Don't get us wrong though - there will always be space our hearts (and wardrobes) for the likes of a Céline Box, Chanel Gabrielle or Hermès Birkin - but there's something refreshing about carrying a bag that doesn't bear the weight of a thousand Chinese knockoffs. And, judging by our Instagram feed alone, the appeal of the anti-logo bag is quickly gaining traction. From the Staud buckets toted on the arms of Leandra Man Repeller Medine and Alexa Chung to the myriad Simon Miller numbers carried by Net-a-Porter buyer and street style regular Lisa Aiken - here, we give you nine It-bag brands to watch. 

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