Why you need to break up with your smartphone (& how to do it!)

Why you need to break up with your smartphone (& how to do it!)

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Hands up if you ever go to check a message and look up 45 minutes later not knowing how you got to that Youtube cat video or how long you'd been watching it.

It's 6:30am. Your phone alarm starts blaring. You reach over to groggily turn it off and before even turning on the light, you flip to Instagram to see what's happened overnight. Then to Snapchat. You turn on a morning playlist on Spotify to serenade you while you shower, then prop up your phone to watch an episode of LOVE on Netflix while you're drying your hair.

On the train to work, you scroll through Facebook getting caught up on important things like world news, your friend's Japan trip and a cute video of a 4-year-old breakdancer.

Your phone is the first thing you look at when you wake up, it's the last thing you look at before you go to sleep at night. Your hand is cramped in a C-shaped claw because it's always gripping a phone. It's time for a detox, no?

Step one: open the window. Step two: back up a bit and take your phone in your throwing hand. Step three: wind up and hurl it out the open window as hard as you possibly can. Job done!

OK so a total phone break-up is not possible. Your boss probably won't take kindly to the fact that you don't answer her calls anymore because your phone is smashed and lifeless on the street below your building.

But you can certainly do things to make your phone less like a tiny rectangular dictator that rules your life.

First, try buying an old fashioned alarm clock. All it should do is tell the time and make an annoying sound to wake you up in the morning. Now you can leave your phone in the kitchen to charge overnight. Just reading that feels weird doesn't it?

Next, delete all the social media apps off your phone. No more Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. Kendall Jenner did it (albeit for only seven days) and so can you. Turn your notifications off for What's App and your email. In fact, turn all your notifications off. You're a grown-up lady and you can choose when to check your email.  

Choose two times a day when you check your emails and messages. For work it's a different story, but for personal stuff, like sending a heart eyes emoji to your friend's selfie with her puppy, it can wait.

Last thing: pop a book in your handbag. When you're bored on the train, or waiting for a coffee, you're going to be aching for something to do. Since there's no more Instagram stories to watch, might as well enrich your mind.

Try it for a week, two weeks, a month and see how you feel. At first coming down will hurt, but eventually you'll feel more in control. Maybe you'll even swap your iPhone for one of those Nokia bricks your dad still lugs around. Maybe not.

For more tips on how to take a break from your phone, and how to reintroduce it in a healthy way, read How to Break Up with Your Phone. And before you ask, it only comes as a book, not an app.

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