The online dating bio is a minefield, do you including emojis that show your aspirational 'online' self or the person you actually are? And which emojis convey in approximately two seconds all the great things about you? Also, if you choose a confusing emoji like the prayer hands  (because is it prayer hands or high five? And if it's high five, are you high fiving yourself?) it's going to end in a swipe left every time from any potential paramours.

But Tinder is here to help. They've just released the stats on which emojis are most used in Tinder bios in Australia and if you want to get more swipe rights you just need to add a few of these top performers to get maximum play in the online dating game.

Coming in at number one is the dog emoji (of course because who wouldn't love a fellow dog lover?) followed in second and third place by the beer and pizza emojis. Fourth and first place is red wine and beachy waves and number six is the camera (face it, everyone in our digital world considers photography a key 'talent'). Seven is the surfer, eight party hat, nine musical notes and ten sassy girl.

Tinder's most popular bio emojis

So there you have it we're a nation of sassy, dog-loving, beer-drinking, pizza-eaters - or atleast our online dating selves are.

Which emoji in your Tinder bio always scores a swipe right?