Want an Insta-worthy guest list at your next party? Use this App

Want an Insta-worthy guest list at your next party? Use this App


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Surkus is like the Uber of models-on-demand, party planners can ‘order’ good-looking peops to attend their soirees and elevate their guest list to Insta-worthy levels

The little black book used to be party planners (and wannabe Don Juans) secret weapon in their memorable soiree-planning arsenal with the pretty faced population getting the call up every time party planners needed a crew of easy-on-the-eye types to round out the guest list. But who has time these days to ring round a roster of hot babes and handsome gents in the delusional hope they're free this Thursday night and are interested in attending a promotional party with a bunch of strangers? No one, that's who. Which is where Surkus comes in.

Surkus is like a little black book of the digital age or an Uber of models-on-demand. The brainchild of Stephen George, a 30-year-old tech geek who made his millions from Groupon stock options, according to The New York Times, the app, "...matches demographically desirable civilians - including aspiring models, actors-in-waiting and social media dwarf stars - with club promoters, marketers and other clients willing to pay for an attractive human garnish at their events."

Members of the app are paid a dollar amount to attend parties and events with Surkus taking half the fee. Joining the app is easy with members linking their Facebook profiles and then being "cast" for Surkus' clients events based on, according to The New York Times, "...demographics like their age, interests and number of Instagram followers."

Some of the fees for attending events are quite low (for example, $10) meaning money is not the only motivator to become a member. Briana Siaca, a Surkus member who works in digital marketing told The New York Times, "For me, it's not about the money. It's what kind of people can I meet...? Is it a cool brand I might be interested in?"

According to the article, George says Surkus has "150,000 members who have attended 4,200 events for 750 clients mainly in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami." No news yet on when/if Surkus will be available in Australia, but surely with all the extremely good looking people Down Under it's only a matter of time?

Want an Insta-worthy guest list at your next party? Use this App (фото 1)

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