Tinder's epic new feature means WHAT?

Tinder's epic new feature means WHAT?


Text: Lucie Clark

Finding ‘the one’ can simply be a numbers game and if you could swipe right all day then surely Cupid's arrow would find its mark a lot more swiftly and with less detours, right? Tinder’s new feature tests that theory out

Tinder has announced that they're trialling Tinder Online in a number of countries including Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, the Philippines, Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico and Italy and if all goes to plan (ie so many love matches or at the very least, more right swiping occurs) then it will be rolled out worldwide. Which is a total game changer because now you can be productively working away and also making a date for that evening without having to sneak off to a disused fire escape to check your phone. It's almost too easy to find your perfect match...

Tinder Online

In terms of how it will work, it sounds similar to an interoffice messaging service, only so much cooler and with the potential for users to finally give up their lonely hearts club membership. According to a Tinder spokesperson said, "Tinder Online will have a similar flow to its app, but the messaging should actually be more seamless on your computer than on your phone, since the website is being designed specifically for messaging." We'd swipe right to that.

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