Sometimes the issue with online is how static it is - can you really convey how you feel with an emoji stuck in a permanent LOL? To be honest any message feels crazy after just a couple of seconds in a state of stationary eye-watering hilarity. Thankfully innovative Tinder totally gets that, so they've launched the coolest set of moving 'Reactions' so you can show the opposite sex how you REALLY feel.

And that's not even the best part - some of the new 'Reactions' are only for the ladies so if blokes are behaving badly on Tinder, ladies you can now throw a (virtual) martini in their face. Don't like their vibe? Send an animated eye roll. Check out it out below:

Tinder’s new feature means you can show how you REALLY feel

While we're on the topic of blokes behaving badly, the easy, consequence-free, anonymity of online dating has seen an uptick in too many boys behaving like wild animals. We're not judging, but think about it, if you were on first date during daylight hours, say sharing a plate of avo toast - would he ask you take your top off before proceeding to the second date? Probably not, and yet in the online dating world, some blokes think it's totally cool to ask for a topless pic before even proceeding to a face-to-face first date.

Understandably us ladies are not down with that at all and Tinder has heard our call. Along with the launch of Tinder Reactions, the dating app has activated their 'Menprovement Initiative' with a series of hilarious-yet-educational videos to teach inappropriate Tinder users how to treat the ladies.

Headlined by US comedian Whitney Cummings - the series reminds users how to be a gent. But don't feel left out ladies, the videos are well worth a worth just for the comedy factor. Watch below:


Tinder’s new feature means you can show how you REALLY feel