A few years back all the single Sydney ladies were lamenting the alleged "man drought" in the 2000+ postal areas but then a survey came out which said it wasn't so much a drought as a problem with single gals and gents navigation skills - available blokes were living in Balmain and their potential paramours were residing across the Pyrmont Bridge in Pyrmont. It's anyone's guess if they managed to cross the bridge and find each other but now thanks to Tinder there's a much easier way to find the key postcodes to be in to score a date.

Tinder has released the list of Sydney postcodes that get the most swipe-right action and the results are surprising - Sydney's Western suburbs completely dominate the top 10 with only one Eastern suburb, Bondi, making it onto the list (are Eastern suburbanites too Zoolander-good looking for Tinder users?). The list proves that even in the quest for love, lust or a hot date it really is all about location, location.

Tinder's top 10 list of Sydney suburbs for swipe-rights is:

1. Parramatta 
2. Bankstown 
3. Camden
4. Bondi 
5. Beverly Hills 
6. Brighton Le Sands 
7. Penrith 
8. Hurstville 
9. Sydney CBD 
10. Ryde

These are the “hottest” Sydney suburbs for Tinder matches