The Internet is freaking out over this iPhone 7 news

The Internet is freaking out over this iPhone 7 news


Text: Lucie Clark

Warning: tech spoilers ahead. Details have been leaked about Apple’s much-hyped, next gen smartphone which is due to be unveiled this week

For all the tech geeks out there who sleep, eat and breathe the Steve Jobs 'technology is the answer' mantra (so pretty much everyone then), a new Apple product is the red-letter event of the year. So when rumours hit that the Calif. tech giant is set to reveal a shiny new high-tech, feature packed updated smartphone, the iPhone 7, naturally the internet went into overdrive. Whispers and heresay surrounding Apple's upcoming keynote address (read: product launch) have been circulating hard on global online tech forums, but now there's finally some concrete-ish news on exactly what will be revealed.

According to well-placed tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have major new features starting with much larger storage tiers - the largest will be 256GB (up from 128GB). The iPhone 7 Plus will house a dual rear camera which uses wide angle and telephoto lenses rendering photo quality unbelievably good, and both versions will have upgraded ambient light camera sensors to light up darker shots. The camera flash LED's have been doubled from two to four with warm and cool colours. Basic IPX7 water resistance has been added (but not to take-your-phone-swimming levels just yet). Larger RAM, a second external speaker and integrated amplifier, Lightning EarPods and a Lightning headphone adaptor included in the kit, 3D Touch 2.0 sensor, home button replaced with a non-clicking touch sensor and two new colours will also allegedly be in the line up.

So tech nerds, set your clocks for this Thursday 8 September 3am AEST when Apple's keynote speech will be live streamed and all will finally be revealed.

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