The 6 best celebrity Twitter feuds happening right now

It’s on, bitches

Text: Yeong Sassall

Twitter feuds are nothing new, but that doesn't mean we don't still find them highly entertaining, says David Smiedt...

Stars have been bitching about and to one another ever since there stars. Pick an era and there'll be a stoush or several. Bette Davis versus Joan Crawford, Madonna versus Courtney Love, Kanye versus Tay-Tay. But these were usually private(ish) affairs, hinted at by journalists - remember them? - quoting unnamed and unconvincing sources.  That all changed in 2006 when Twitter was born. As if my Silicon Valley magic, regular folk like you and me could get access to our favourite stars' daily musings, photos and and hashtags (#bestlife #zen  #family).  Way more entertainingly, the celebs themselves could now snipe at one another across cyberspace like only those with galaxy wide egos can. The best part? Anyone who followed either or both of the combatants has ringside seat. Here's who's punching on...

The 6 best celebrity Twitter feuds happening right now (фото 1)

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