The 30 most anti-social media celebs

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It may seem like every Gen Z, millennial and Kardashian is oversharing on Snapchat these days, but turns out there are tons of influentials strictly not playing the game

We've all got that friend who (annoyingly) isn't on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Not only is she impossible to invite to your birthday, she never shares her holiday snaps and you never really know her true relationship stats. But is this really an issue? After all, many have argued that if Kim Kardashian hadn't Snapchatted her bling so profusely, maybe she wouldn't have been a target for that robbery in Paris...

Even if millennials like Justin Bieber, Willow Smith and now Kendall Jenner make a game out of deactivating and reactivating their Instagram accounts on the regular, that doesn't speak for the rest of the celebrity world. There are many celebs who say they're too flaky/busy/tech-phobic to keep up with it - and many just value their privacy (or are too old to really 'get' it). And even though publicity is pretty de rigueur these days, you'll find a pretty long list of super successful millennials (and A-listers) who simply refuse to take part - even though it makes smart career sense.

In the gallery above, take a look at the surprising stars who stay resolutely away from online sharing.

The 30 most anti-social media celebs (фото 1)

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