Have you seen Snapchat’s major new feature?

Have you seen Snapchat’s major new feature?


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Snapchat just added a new feature for its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it messaging service allowing users to “paint” 3-D cartoon shapes and objects into their snaps

Snapchat has always been ahead of the social media curve and that's saying something - the social media landscape changes at lightning speed - so being the leader takes exceptional staying and playing skills. And in the latest master manoeuver in Silicon Valley's techie wars, Snapchat has launched a cool new feature right on the heels of Facebook's recently launched trio of new features (Facebook Camera Effects, Facebook Direct and Facebook Stories) - which was basically Facebook's version of Snapchat.

Tech wars aside, Snapchat's new feature, called World Lenses, is actually super fun and uses a similar augmented reality technology to a little game called Pokemon Go. According to a blog post by Snap (Snapchat's corporate identity) they "...launched Lenses over a year ago as a whole new way to express ourselves on Snapchat. Since then, we've become puppies, puked rainbows, face-swapped with our best friends." This upgrade takes that "expression" to the next level with " Lenses that can paint the world around you with new 3D experiences." According to Snap they're pretty simple to use; with the rear-facing camera you just tap the screen to find the new Lenses and then turn the world around you into a happy, colourful 3-D cartoon land. Your move Facebook.

Snapchat World Lenses

 The new feature is available on Snapchat now.

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