Set your iCal, Apple’s iPhone 8 has a launch date

Set your iCal, Apple’s iPhone 8 has a launch date

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The iPhone 8 is said to be the biggest redesign in Apple history

Maybe the reason the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now is because she is holding out for iPhone's next handset update? If that's the case Tay-Tay, mark September 12 in your calendar because all of your phone prayers are about to be answered.

An invitation went out to US media overnight inviting them to an 'Apple Special Event'. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple are expected to unveil three iPhones at the event; the iPhone 8, which is predicted to be much larger, pricier and feature edge-to-edge display, as well as two updates to the current iPhone 7. Apple is also likely to launch updates for their tablets, the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The event marks ten years since the release of the first iPhone handset.

The iPhone 8 is rumoured to be the biggest redesign of the product in years, with speculation that the update could feature 3D face-scanning technology and a wireless charging feature. While all the design features are currently hearsay, it's safe to assume that your selfies are about to look that much better.

The event will be available to live stream here (that means getting out of bed at 3am on September 13, Aussies).

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