No more Insta screenshots thanks to this new feature?

No more Insta screenshots thanks to this new feature?

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The prettiest social of them all, Instagram, is testing out a new feature that crushes all quiet stalking of other people’s Insta Stories

Everyone does it, let's be honest. Taking a screenshot of someone else's Story on Instagram so you can share it or use it as a visual source of inspo is kind of the point of social media. And while some might call it stalking others say it's a form of flattery: tomay-to/tomah-to.

But the good thing about the Story screenshot is that it's a quiet, innocuous, nothing to see here kind of social media activity. However that might not be the case for much longer.

Tech Crunch reports Instagram is taking user transparency to the next level by testing out, "...a feature that will show users when someone else takes a screenshot of their Story."

As this is a testing phase not every Insta user is included - but those that are get an alert after they take a screenshot of a friend's Story that the next time they take a screenshot the other user will be notified.

The notification is not an immediate bells and whistles alert displaying who just took a screenshot, instead it shows up in the list of story viewers with, according to Tech Crunch, a " camera shutter logo next to anyone who took a screenshot." Which sounds a lot like how rival social Snapchat handles users taking screenshots.

Whether or not Insta rolls this new feature out to everyone will depend how users in the test group respond to having their every screenshot move noted. After all transparency is good but it's a very short distance to TMI.

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