Money can’t buy love? Tinder doesn’t think so

Money can’t buy love? Tinder doesn’t think so

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Now you can buy your way to more popularity on Tinder thanks to a new setting: Tinder Boost. But there’s just one catch.

All's fair in love and war, right? Especially according to Tinder, who've now managed to monetise popularity within their ubiquitous dating app. In a release launched yesterday, the tech company revealed Tinder Boost - a setting which allows you to buy yourself more attention from your dating pool. For an (undisclosed) sum, users can boost their profile in their area for 30 minutes by floating their profile to the top of the list, which gives them "up to 10x more profile views while boosting," according to Tinder's blog post. "Be seen by more people and get more matches," it goes on. It's like a VIP line for dating - right on.

Which means if you've got the cash, you can basically buy yourself more attention from more potential partners. Too bad if you're strapped for cash this week. (It's a cruel, cruel world.) Funnily enough, Tinder don't want you to get too big-headed about this fact. "And remember, please use caution while boosting and don't let all the attention go to your head," says the blog. Um, ok.

Looks like The Beatles were wrong, money can buy you love. Or at least the possibility of it.

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