They say 'Print is dead' but when it comes to your personal memories, do you really want to rely on the ever-confusing/vague/completely intangible 'cloud' to hold them for posterity?

Enter: Zapptales, a new service that collates and prints your Whatsapp chats into a a form you can hold and keep - an actual, physical book.

The idea came about when co-founder Daniel Vicen Renner became an uncle and wanted to maintain easy access to the messages, photos and memories on the messaging service. 

Having sold approximately 10,000 in less than a year, the concept is proving popular.

In a nutshell, the completely encrypted process exports the messages into the Zapptales software, you can design a cover, include a dedication, edit the chats and choose a hard or soft cover. Then - boom! A cute gift or ready-made personal diary appears.

Try it out here.

Modern love letters: turn your Whatsapp texts into a book