For a guy who invented one of the most pervasive tools for oversharing, Mark Zuckerberg sure likes his privacy. After posting a picture on his Facebook account announcing that Instagram now has 500 million monthly users, one eagle-eyed detective noted that Zuckerberg's own computer was cleverly taped up. If you look closely at the photo you can see that Zuckerberg has employed this decidedly non-2016 method to cover his laptop's webcam and headphone jack. Paranoid, much?

While laughable at first (you can imagine only your most paranoid, OCD friend doing this), apparently it’s all the rage amongst the super-vigilant security types. According to Dazed, the FBI’s director James Comey does the same thing because it’s an easy access point for hackers to gain control of your system. And there were also reports earlier this month that Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts were hacked into, after hacker group OurMine gained access to his rarely used password ‘dadada’ via the LinkedIn security breach.

So maybe the dude’s just feeling paranoid? I mean, we did think the guy who invented socially acceptable stalking Facebook might have found a less old-fashioned way to prevent hackers, but hey, whatever works.

Mark Zuckerberg is as paranoid about hacking as YOU should be