Fans of Douglas Adam's Babel Fish translator (a Sci-Fi concept coined in the author's 1978 novel, Hitchiker's Huide to the Galaxy) will be delighted to know that almost 40 years later, his far-flung idea is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Developed in preparation for Japan's 2020 Olympics, Panasonic have developed a megaphone that translates languages in real time.

Currently in use at Tokyo's Narita airport, the device seeks to bridge the language gap with international travellers by allowing the speaker to communicate in three different languages which is at present limited to Chinese, Korean and English. A user speaking one of these languages will be able to broadcast their message in the other two.

See how it works in Panasonic's video below. Kind of magical!

Magic Mic: Introducing the high-tech megaphone that’s lets you shout in different languages