Love is a battlefield, as they say, and the weapon of choice for us millennials is our Tinder app. If your match action is looking a little low come the New Year, there are some easy changes that can be made to your profile to make sure Mr. Right swipes right. Give your Tinder profile a little TLC and watch as matches from your future Prince Charming begin to roll in.

1. Don't leave your bio blank: How else is Mr. Right going to know how witty you are? Get creative; you have a personality so show it through your bio.  

2. Smile in your photos: Pouting is like, so 2017 (actually let's be real, more 2001/2). Users who smile in their photos increase their chances of being swiped right by 14% so show your pearly whites.

3. Ditch the sunglasses: What have you got to hide? wearing glasses in a profile picture tend to decrease your chances of being right-swiped by 12%.

4. Wear something bright in your profile photo: 72% of tinder users who wear a neutral colour in their profile picture (black, navy, beige or white). Wear something bright to stand out from the majority.

5. Enable Smart Photos: Tinder's Smart Photos feature improves your chances of being swiped right by up to 12%. This finding love business is hard work, any steps towards efficiency must be ensued at all costs.

6. Connect your Instagram: This helps you to keep your profile fresh.

7. Swipe on a Sunday: Lonely Sunday's are when Tinder users are the most active.

8. Send a GIF to start the conversation: If you don't know what to say, sending a GIF will increase your chances of getting a response by 30%. You are also more likely to have conversations that last twice as long. 

Happy swiping! 

Looking for love at first swipe? Make these changes to your profile