Kim Kardashian’s new app just changed online shopping forever

Kim Kardashian’s new app just changed online shopping forever


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Dubbed the ‘Shazam for shopping’ Kim Kardashian West’s new app allows you to screenshot an outfit and shop it instantly

Kim Kardashian West never stops. Hot off the heels of KKW Beauty, Kardashian West has taken to social media to announce a new fashion app that is going to change the online shopping game in a big way. Aptly named Screenshop, the app allows users to (literally) screenshot outfits from Instagram and shop similar styles instantly. "So excited to share something I've been working on for over a year," the reality star posted to Instagram, along with a series of videos that detail exactly how the app works.

Screenshop uses artificial intelligence to recognise clothing and accessories in an image and search similar styles from over 10 million products in the apps database. Brands including ASOS, TopShop,, Kanye West's Yeezy (of course), Forever 21 and Saks Fifth Avenue have all partnered with Screenshop to feature their products.

Kardashian West acts as an advisor to the app, which was foundered by a New York based start-up called Craze. "We spent well over a year getting this all together and ready to be what it is today, which is something I've never seen before," Kardashian told BuzzFeed News. "I've never seen an app where you can screenshot something and within seconds bring up a whole digital fashion store to be able to pick out from all range prices and sizes of similar things to what you're wearing."

Make all your bodycon dress dreams come true; download Screenshop for free here, and place it right next to your Kimoji app on your home screen. 

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