Is Uber considering charging more for out-of-the-way pickups?

Is Uber considering charging more for out-of-the-way pickups?

Location, location, location

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Uber is taking the old real estate adage of it’s all about location to the next level with an announcement they’re increasing fees in the US for out-of-the-way pickups

Question: isn't the whole point of ride-sharing to tap your phone and hey presto, a ride magically appears regardless of where you are? Obviously you have to be in a postcode in the Uber network but beyond that surely it seems, er, 'locationist' to penalise customers for not having the right address?

Answer: no. According to The Verge Uber is introducing a raft of new fees in the US (which could subsequently be implemented Down Under) including a fee to incentivise drivers to pick customers up from out-of-the-way locations.

A second update is a change to their cancellation policy, Uber's Aaron Schildkrout speaking to The Verge said this should benefit both drivers and customers, "We've updated our technology to actually detect progress by the driver toward the rider so we can be more nuanced about when to charge a rider a cancellation fee."

The third fee change regards how long drivers have to wait for a customer. According to The Verge, "Riders will... be charged extra for making drivers wait longer than two minutes."

Back to the location, location, location fee update Uber says for long pickups drivers will earn their regular rate plus a distance rate which will kick in after about eight or 11 minutes of driving to the destination, Schildkrout says, "So if it's a 40-minute pickup, which hopefully never happens... it would be some segment of 40 minutes." The additional distance fee will be outlined in the estimated upfront fare.

These new charges roll out in the US today, no news yet if/when they will come to Australia. But it's good to know ahead of any upcoming US vacays - especially if you're thinking of Uber-ing back from that far out hike in the Grand Canyon

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