Iris Apfel emojis are coming!

Iris Apfel emojis are coming!


Text: Anna McClelland

You know what your Instagram captions are lacking? Iris Apfel emojis

The 94-year-old fashion maven - who already proved she was one step ahead of anyone her junior when she collaborated on a range of wearable tech earlier this year - will soon appear on your iPhone keyboard, along with a bevy of other Iris Apfel-esque graphics. Not bad for a woman who doesn't even have an Instagram account.

It's all part of a broader collaboration with Macy's brand INC, which is releasing a 40-piece Mod-themed fashion and accessories collection called Iris Meets INC this spring. They'll release the corresponding emojis in September.

"Everyone asks about the emojis; and I didn't even know what an emoji was," Apfel told Fashionista this week. "For me it's rather silly, but it's generational, so if it makes the kids happy, then..."

The campaign images for Iris Meets INC have already been unveiled (see above), depicting a beaming Apfel with her signature black specs but minus her equally famous stacks of bangles. Will her trademark accessories feature in the emoji keyboard? We can only hope.

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