Internet trolls are (finally) going to jail

Internet trolls are (finally) going to jail

Sh%t is getting real

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A 25-year-old American woman is facing jail time after framing her ex-boyfriend on Facebook

For all the internet trolls out there that think they're safe hiding behind their screen - you are so wrong. Nymag has reported on a turbulent break-up that went horrible sour, and could be a wake-up call for any cat-fisher's, cyber bullies, or social trolls looming out there in the internet world.

 25-year-old Stephanie Renae Lawson has been sentenced to one year in jail after seeking revenge (but failing miserably) on her ex-boyfriend.  Lawson had made a fake profile of her ex on Facebook to send threatening messages to herself under the fake account, which she then showed to the Police.  According to Orange County register, Lawson was finally found guilty and charged with one felony account of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud and deceit.

Although this sounds like the ex from hell, it still is a valuable lesson that internet framers are looking at jail-time for any internet crimes they commit (about time,right?). 

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