Social media matchmaking app Tinder has just unveiled the careers that people swipe right most frequently on in each country and the list is surprising. In Australia, forget high-powered master of the universe CEO-type roles, the top 10 for men and women include service professions like flight attendant, waiter, swimming coach and hairstylist. Interestingly flight attendant ranks very highly on a bunch of other countries lists including Mexico, Korea, Japan and Chile. Which says a ton about what people in those countries (including us Aussie's) are looking for on Tinder - someone who won't be sticking around long enough for more than a casual fling. And here we were under the delusion that Tinder was the long-term love connection.

On with the list, the five careers swiped most often in Australia on Tinder are as follows:

#1 Flight attendant 
#2 Marketing coordinator 
#3 Waiter 
#4 Painter 
#5 Nurse

#1 Swimming coach 
#2 Student 
#3 Cabin crew member 
#4 Law clerk 
#5 Social media manager

For the sake of love (or lust) is it time to channel your inner Frank Abagnale and get "creative" with your Tinder profile?

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