Guess who posts the most popular Instagram stories in fashion?

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It's all about engagement, but the list of the 15 most popular accounts for Instagram stories (in fashion) is full of surprises...

Ah, Instagram stories. What did we do without them (oh, wait... Snapchat). While it's funny to think that Instagram existed for years without these ephemeral stalking tools windows-into-people's lives; it's even stranger to think how quickly everyone picked it up and ran with it. The beauty of stuff real, unfiltered time, right?

Celebrated for being more authentic than your average Instagram (save for a few basic filters and cute AF stickers), Insta stories bring IRL transactions to life, without the added burden of being stuck on your feed for eternity. And this month, to celebrate a full calendar year of being 'live', Instagram released some stats around whose stories are the most viewed. Within the fashion field, the top 15 reads like a list of the most pretty and popular girls in high school, because for the most part, most of these accounts belong to models and celebs. Still, it's good to see a few luxury brands are resonating with their followers - we guess it's a lesson in how to play your Instagram game.

Click through the gallery above to see who hit the number one spot on Instagram stories. Hint: she has 14.3 million followers. 

Guess who posts the most popular Instagram stories in fashion? (фото 1)

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