Google Maps has just pulled this controversial feature

Google Maps has just pulled this controversial feature

Calorie-counting no more

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Google Maps has deleted a cupcake calorie-counting feature after user backlash and concerns it could be a trigger for eating disorders

Introduced in the recent iOS update to the Google Maps app the experimental feature showed - along with how long it would take to walk to your destination - an estimate of how many calories walking the route would burn. It also displayed how many cupcakes that number of calories was equivalent to.

While Google claims they introduced the feature as an 'experiment' and probably with the intention of encouraging people to add some incidental exercise into their day - which is a positive health move - users immediately took to social media to voice their outrage that Google was 'food shaming' them via the cupcake counter into exercising.

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Other concerns users raised include the food versus exercise reward system - which is a dangerous mindset and could be a trigger or worse, a tool, for someone with an eating disorder.

Stephanie Zerwas, director of the Centre of Excellence for Eating Disorders at the University of North Carolina speaking to The New York Times said, "We've gotten into this habit of thinking about our bodies and the foods we take in and how much activity we do as this mathematical equation, and it's really not. The more we have technology that promotes that view, the more people who may develop eating disorders might be triggered into that pathway."

Google has since pulled the calorie-counting feature from their Maps app.

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