Going legit: Instagram’s got a new “authenticity” feature

Going legit: Instagram’s got a new “authenticity” feature

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Image: Image: Aimee Song @songofstyle

Social photo titan Instagram has so much beauty/fashion/lifestyle #inspo, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s been paid for… until now

Instagram just announced a new feature which will make it clearer to users whether the snaps from their fave Insty influencers are paid for sponsored posts or genuine, no-advertiser-purse-strings attached pieces of content. Up until now this has been a very murky area in the social sphere with many influencers and celebs finding themselves in legal hot water from not declaring their paid posts. Paid posts fall under most countries advertising and communications laws as "advertising" and must be labelled as such. Social media users who don't declare their paid posts can be fined and so far, there have been a few notable serial offenders including the Kardashians who have received warnings from the Federal Trade Commission, the governing body in the US.

But now, thanks to Instagram it'll be easy for influencers and celebs to let their followers know if they are genuinely into something or they're being paid to be enthusiastic about it. Instagram's Creative Programs Director Charles Porch said to, "People are building amazing business on Instagram all over the world... and those users are looking for ways to be super transparent with their followers when they have a partnership."

How the new feature works is when the influencer tags a brand as the sponsor of the post, a "paid partnership with" notification appears at the top of the post (it also shows up in Instagram Stories) - making it transparently clear that the post is paid for. The tag also means the advertiser sees the same data as the influencer like the post's reach and engagement.

Instagram is currently testing the new tool on a few select users like Aimee Song from @songofstyle and will roll it out to everyone once any kinks have been ironed out.

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