#Drool: how to take the perfect food Insta

Text: Yeong Sassall

There's something about a good brunch-gram that makes every foodies heart sing, says Crave app creator Jessica Koncz 

Smashed avo, acai bowls, parmesan fries, nourish bowls, you've seen it all before, but how do some people make their photos look SO good every time? Glamorous pictures fill our feeds and make us envious of everyone else's plate, so how can the rest of us make our food Instagrams full of delectable delights?

Creator of the Tinder for food App, Crave, Jessica Koncz has built a business off people eating with their eyes. For the love of a mouth drooling pic, click through the gallery above to see how she makes the dishes look so damningly delicious:

Crave is a 'Tinder for food' app available in the App and Google Play Stores. Crave is a dish-based discovery app that invites users to swipe for a bite, showing them the delectable delights nearby to satisfy all their food cravings. For more information visit

#Drool: how to take the perfect food Insta (фото 1)

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