Facebook’s 2017 year in review has some surprising inclusions

Facebook’s 2017 year in review has some surprising inclusions


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Facebook has revealed their 2017 year in review, sharing the most talked about topics in Australia across the social media platform

2017 was all about women - at least according to Facebook's annual year in review data; and let's be real, if it's not up on Facebook or Instagram then did it really matter? Notable societal movements such as The Women's March and the #metoo campaign sparked by the disturbingly common occurrence of sexual assault allegations against prominent men saw International Women's Day become the most talked about topic on Facebook across Australia. The #metoo campaign had 4.7 million mentions within the first 24 hours.

The number two spot was taken by the race that (almost) stops the nation. Although it didn't snap up the number one spot, The Melbourne Cup was the leading sporting topic across Facebook in Australia. While it is likely that Facebook users were sharing their frock + fascinator combo, the discussion around the health and welfare of horses involved in horse racing was also a hot topic this year. The bronze medal of social-media savvy topics went to the ongoing debate on same-sex marriage, which considering the amount of time that has been drawn out to reach a final decision, is perhaps the most surprising placing on the list. See below for the top ten most discussed topics on Facebook across Australia:

1. International Women's Day

2. Melbourne Cup

3. Same-sex marriage decision

4. Qantas

5. Chris Cornell's Death

6. Attorney General George Brandis

7. Floyd Mayweather Jr./ Conor Mcgregor Boxing Match

8. Linkin Park/Chester Bennington's death

9. Roger Federer

10. Manchester Attack

Facebook’s 2017 year in review has some surprising inclusions (фото 1)


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