Next time find yourself sitting for three and a half hours waiting for the latest episode of Game of Thrones to buffer, remind yourself that it's not your 6 year-old laptop, or your overpriced provider, or your bedrooms Wi-Fi connection; Australia officially has slower internet speeds than Kenya.

Our nation is currently in the middle of a $49 billion National Broadband Network revamp that promises lightning-speed internet to feed our Netflix addiction however, the investment is running well behind schedule. So much so that according to statistics from Bloomberg, Australia is currently sitting at a pathetic 50th place on the global ladder of internet speeds; just above Egypt, Venezuela and Paraguay.  

(Source: Bloomberg)

This ranking is predicted to fall even further in the coming years. Here's hoping for the comeback of a lifetime. Thank goodness we have another two years until the next GOT season rolls around. 

Dear Australian Wi-Fi, it’s not me, it’s you