Wearable technologies like Fitbit and the Apple watch have become the exercise hype of late - and for good reason. With innovative technologies (that still blow our minds) like the ability to tell how many calories your burning, monitor your heart rate, track sleeping patterns, and see what your skin temperature is -  it's no surprise that these wearables are now delving deeper than just fitness.

This is wear Achu comes in - an innovative Fitbit exclusive app that is able to notice when you're about to get the flu before you even do. And it's a synch to use: Achu asks the user to log when they have any type of sick symptoms like a headache or a fever etc., and slowly the app recognises behavioural patterns in that person, to soon predict when they're about to get sick.

"We realised that there was a significant need for an app that can use the data that we are actively feeding into our health trackers and wearables daily that would really make a difference in predicting our future health, not just seeing what we've done in the past," says Tony Peticca, founder of Datapult (who developed Achu). The app can also act as your personal GP, giving you daily tips on preventing you from getting ill and how to maintain good health

So if you're always fighting an evil immune system, then it may be time to jump on the wearable-watch bandwagon after all. 

Can your Fitbit now tell when you’re getting sick?