Tech giant Apple has been awarded a patent for a head-mounted virtual reality (VR) set that would potentially run with an iPhone.

Research into the VR headset actually started in 2008, way before companies like Google and Samsung got onto the bandwagon. Seven years later, the process of creating the gadget has evolved so much so that Apple now has a patent for it. As it stands, the VR market is still pretty niche, although we're betting Samsung and Google are viewing Apple as one of their toughest new competitors.

Apple's VR glasses are set to work in conjunction with the iPhone, which will be used as the VR screen. The company has also created a collection of accessories that will complement its VR set: spare batteries, a cooling system, onboard memory, a remote control and a number of hardware options that can be built into the device. Looks like the future is closer than we think.

Apple have patented a virtual reality headset for the iPhone