Covering everything from the classic eggplant on a dinner plate to a banana relaxing on a palm-fringed hammock to a red X splashed across a house (translation: the app user is not open to host guests at home) to bondage-clad submissives to a set of handcuffs, the 500 aptly called gaymojis take the 'a picture speaks a thousand words' to the next level and don't miss a beat when it comes to any and all potential dating scenarios.

Grindr's new gaymojis

And while there has been plenty of positive social media talk around the cheeky new images, Grindr have already removed one from the set - a 'T' which was supposed to be next to the 'D' denoting 'down to' but instead was interpreted as promoting crystal meth. Apart from that minor hiccough, which Grindr swiftly responded to, flirting has never looked like so much kinkified fun.

Grindr's gaymojis

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500 ways Grindr users can now emote what they’re really thinking