5 things to know about Google’s first smartphone Pixel

5 things to know about Google’s first smartphone Pixel

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Google first smartphone is here! So what do you need to know about Pixel?

This morning at 8am, Australians were among the first in the world to get their hands on Google's first foray into the crowded (and combustible - sorry, couldn't resist) smartphone market. Labelled Pixel, this clever little handset packs serious punch and some way-cool features. Below, we sum up the best of them.

1. It comes in two sizes and two colours
Available in 5-inch or 5.5-inch versions Pixel's sleek design comes to life in Quite Black and Very Silver. Like your handset customised? Choose from an array of case colour or Live Case designs which allow you to choose the graphic or photo you want decorating your mobile.

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2. It has a built in assistant
Like Apple's version of a PA (Siri), Google Assistant comes built in and ready to search your phone and web for you. You can also text, call and email your contact list, check weather and ask it all sorts of probing questions - like 'How are you feeling today?'. Adjusted to recognise your Aussie accent and - this one's a game changer - slang terms like 'arvo' or 'brekkie' Google Assistant is kind of like Google itself - one smart little cookie.    

3. Its camera is the best in the biz
With the highest DxoMark Mobile rating of all the smartphones on the market, Pixel's 12.3MP camera is equipped to handle low light and OTT bright light. It also has Smartburst (which takes a series of rapid fire shots then selects the best one) there's even a very nifty way to take a selfie - flip the phone over and it changes to your front-facing camera automatically.

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4. Storage is huuuuuge
Boasting free, unlimited storage for all your photos (yes, at full resolution), Pixel uses Google Photos to back up your memories. Oh, and the search function for finding your photos is very good. You can actually search for 'me wearing a red dress' and it will find your photo - no scrolling required.

5. Impressive battery power
Yes, we know that all new phones start out with day-long battery life, but then start to dwindle around the nine month mark. Sure, we accept this as a First World Problem, but Pixel's fast charge kind of makes up for this. With the ability to get 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes of charge - it's an impressive offering to say the least.

Pixel is available to pre-order today. Starting from $1,079, it's available on the Telstra network at Telstra and JB Hi-Fi stores, as well as Google stores.  

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