Speaking to News Corp from the red carpet, fashion's favourite comedic duo, better known by their flamboyant alter egos Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, lambasted selfie takers, admitting they hate it when people ask for snaps.

"I find it really boring," Saunders says in the news.com.au story. "People used to ask you questions. You could have a conversation with them. Now all they want is the photo. You don't even matter. All they want is the proof."

She adds, "And the number of people who go, 'oh no, no that doesn't look very good. Can you move over here? You become just a prop and it just feels kind of pointless." She has a good point - but we have a feeling celebrity selfies are just the kind of shameless self-promotion that Eddy would be all over - especially if Kate Moss was in reach.

Can't wait to see the movie? Watch the trailer here.

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