You’re NEVER going to guess Kanye West’s new gig

You’re NEVER going to guess Kanye West’s new gig

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The rapper is reportedly in talks to judge the latest American Idol reboot

In the strangest turn of events we've heard of all week (or month?!), rapper Kanye West is said to be in talks with Ryan Seacrest to judge the newly revamped American Idol. Apparently Seacrest is desperate to get the rapper on board and what's weirder, NBC Network are 'thrilled' with the idea (I'm guessing they've forgotten about the twitter rants, Kick-Taylor-off-the-stage moment, 10-minute monologues etc).

"Ryan Seacrest has put his name forward during his negotiations to come back as host and NBC are salivating over it," an anonymous source told Radoronline. "It's not an easy gig, but the offer he's got is proving to be very hard to refuse," the source added.

The rapper-turn-designer, who's famously married to reality-TV queen Kim Kardashian, has always been rather shy when it comes to Keeping up With the Kardashians (also produced by Seacrest). So we have to admit, it will definitely be entertaining watching him very closely on a series. 

 But if you're still scratching your heads at the thought of Yeezy on your small-screens, let us remind you of when West made a cameo appearance on American Idol:


We seriously can't wait to see how this plays out. 

You’re NEVER going to guess Kanye West’s new gig (фото 1)

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